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The complete selection of Ray-Ban sunglasses for men, from the coolest new and classic frames, lenses, and colors to find the shades that match your style.

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Frame Color
  1. Military Green 1item
  2. Striped Blue 4items
  3. Striped Bordeaux Havana 1item
  4. Striped Brown 1item
  5. Striped Grey Havana 1item
  6. Striped Red 1item
  7. Striped Yellow 1item
  8. Wrinkled Beige 1item
  9. Wrinkled Black 3items
  10. Wrinkled Blue 2items
  11. Wrinkled Light Grey 1item
  12. Silver 58items
  13. Gold 140items
  14. Black 221items
  15. Copper 1item
  16. Havana 97items
  17. Gunmetal 66items
  18. Matte Gunmetal 2items
  19. Shiny Silver 2items
  20. Light Brown 5items
  21. Matte Black 6items
  22. Matte Dark Blue 1item
  23. Green 1item
  24. Red 8items
  25. Striped Blue Havana 2items
  26. Gunmetal Top On Matte Gunmetal 1item
  27. Matte Gold 4items
  28. Tortoise 8items
  29. Grey 31items
  30. Blue 19items
  31. Brown 18items
  32. Transparent 4items
  33. Striped Havana 3items
  34. Bronze-Copper 1item
  35. Arista 1item
  36. Yellow 3items
  37. Bordeaux 4items
  38. Pink 1item
  39. Shiny Havana 5items
  40. Grey Havana 2items
  41. Violet 1item
  42. Shiny Black 19items
  43. Transparent Light Brown 1item
  44. Top Blue On Havana Red 1item
  45. Top Grey On Havana 1item
  46. Copper On Matte Dark Blue 1item
  47. Rubber Black 1item
  48. Stripped Red Havana 1item
  49. Bordeaux Metallic On Black 1item
  50. Brown Metallic On Black 1item
  51. Top Metallic Cipria On Black 1item
  52. Matte Grey 2items
  53. Transparent Grey 2items
  54. Transparent Pink 1item
  55. Transparent Blue 2items
  56. Yellow Light Havana 2items
  57. Dark Gunmetal 2items
  58. White 3items
  59. Legend Gold 5items
  60. Stripped Grey Havana 1item
  61. Brusched Demi Gloss White Gold 1item
  62. Demi Gloss Antique Gold 2items
  63. Silver Demishiny 1item
  64. Matte Havana 1item
  65. Sand Trasparent Blu 1item
  66. Sand Trasparent Red 1item
  67. Sand Trasparent Brown 1item
  68. Sand Trasparent Grey 1item
  69. Sand Trasparent Green 1item
  70. Top Trasp Red On Havana Orange 1item
  71. Green Metallic On Black 1item
  72. Top Metallic Red On Black 1item
  73. Havana On Trasparent Light Brown 2items
  74. Green On Trasparent 1item
  75. Grey On Trasparent Blue 1item
  76. Black On Trasparent 2items
  77. Mat Carbon Matt Allutex 1item
  78. Mat Carbon Mat Allutex Red 1item
  79. Gold Legend 2items
  80. Brown Black 1item
  81. Bronze/Copper 15items
  82. Clear 6items
  83. Col. Ray-Ban W2027 1item
  84. Col. Ray-Ban W0228 1item
  85. Col. Ray-Ban W1504 1item
  86. Gold/Blue Jeans 1item
  87. Top Red On Orange 1item
  88. Transparent Brown Sp Blue 1item
  89. Dark Rubber Havana 1item
  90. Shiny Blue 1item
  91. Shiny Tortoise 5items
  92. Shiny Transparent Brown 1item
  93. Striped Grey 1item
  94. Shiny Gold 20items
  95. Shiny Transparent Grey 2items
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